Some People Think #4: Kylie Minogue’s BIG CRASH

On Wednesday, Kylie Minogue announced via twitter, that she would be sharing a snippet of her new single All the Lovers, with her fans. Unfortunately the announcement caused her website to crash instead.

She wrote this on twitter following: “aaahhhhhhhh…you’ve overloaded the system!!!arrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!,” shortly after the noon deadline passed.

“That is the strength of your combined power!!!!!!! OMG!!!” she wrote.

The single is due to be released on June 28, with her 11th studio album Aphrodite, following on July 5.  “I am so happy to share this little snippet of the first single with you all,” Minogue tweeted again after the website came back on.

Here is the 30 second preview she released.

Since then a world of opinion has been circulating regarding the release.  So here is this week’s Some People Think…. (and it’s only short because these Friday SPT posts are s’pose to be brief – but mainly because I feel like there are some angry dudes at the back of my throat smashing glass bottles around).

  • Some people think it’s the best 30 seconds of instrumental they’ve ever heard and think 2010 is the Year of the Kylie.
  • Some people think the album cover is amazing – and think she rocked Jean Paul Gaultier way better than the model on the catwalk

  • Some people (mostly blokes) think nothing will ever out-do this album cover.

  • Some people think Kylie is totally back. Not like the last time with her ‘X’ album. More like the last time she was back… when she was spinning around in gold hot pants.
  • Some people can’t wait to hear the lyrics.
  • Some people think the new album is just another Kylie Minogue album – complete with high glam, lush stylings and modern typefaces.
  • Some people think the album name Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddes of love, beauty and sexuality is aptly named for Ms Minogue.
  • Some people think it doesn’t matter that Kylie is singing the songs – the fact that the album has been produced by British Electronic musician, songwriter, and record producer Stuart Price (who has also worked with Madonna, New Order, Missy Elliott, The Killers, Gwen Stefani and Seal),  automatically means the album will be packed with number 1 hits.
  • Some people think she made the announcement on Wednesday in order to draw attention AWAY from the outfit she was wearing the day before – Tuesday. Yellow Harem pants. It’s highly likely.

  • Some people think her new album will be a return to her ‘dance-floor’ roots – and inspire a whole new float at the next Mardi Gras.
  • Some people don’t care about her music. They just think she should be so lucky – and actually is. Very Lucky. To be dating this guy:

  • Some people can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing in her video clips.
  • Some people think it’s worth noting that she’s releasing the new single exactly 1 month after her 42nd birthday on 28 May, and the new album exactly 1 week before her new nephew is due to be born.
  • Some people probably think the news on Kylie’s latest album is worth not only doing a happy dance for, but actually rolling around and repeating her name over and over; Like this guy did when he heard she was touring last year…. becuase I know I do that when I’m excited…

 I think Kylie is no longer the princess of pop, nor the queen of pop. She is the friggin’ Empress so bow down bitches.  Possibly the brightest star in the Pop Music Fermament, her road to sparkling did not include a trip to rehab, flashing her pink bits or public outbursts and meltdowns. Her songs may be anthems, but what I love most is that she is a lady with dignity.

What do YOU think?


Some people think #3: AFL vs NRL

Or should I be writing: Wasted vs Naked?

With another weekend of sport approaching – and in the wake of Brendan Fevola admitting he has a significant gambling addiction and is seeking professional help in a bid to ”knock it on the head”, I was reminded of the triumphs and tragedies that face our countries sporting heroes.   Actaully I am reminded almost every weekend. I thought why not point out some loves and hates of everybody’s favourite game – whatever code you follow.

  • Some people think the AFL ‘s television deal, which amounts to 780 million dollars over five years is justified in comparison to the NRL, based on the fact that AFL was watched by a total of 65,023,000 and the NRL by only 40,272,000.
  • Some people think if the NRL want to keep up with the AFL they had better expand.
  • Some people think it’s completely acceptable behaviour to consent to sex in a public toilet with a Broncos player.
  • Some people think it’s completely acceptable to point your peen towards a window on the side of a building and release. Ahhhh.
  • Some people think taking a photo of a hot girl in the shower and showing all your mates is normal.
  • Some person is probably thinking… Give me back my loofah Lara!
  • Some people think that footy players are paid to play football and not be role models.
  • Some people think that most headlines on sport these days aren’t about the game at all. Instead they’re about players who CAN’T PLAY sport because they’d been too pissed and done something stupid enough to get them arrested or sacked or both.
  • Some people think AFL players are way hotter, not only because you can see their neck, but also because their body is leaner.

  • Some people think NRL players are way hotter, because even though they’re not too bright, they can lift heavy things, and they look good covering up their magic wand with their hand.
  • Some people think that footy players should just stay home at the weekend.
  • Some people think that if their family has supported a team for generations – and the players don’t have the decency to respect their fans or their clubs by behaving better, then why should they respect the clubs? …. If the players don’t?
  • Some people are over the moon that both the AFL and NRL have started clubs in opposing territory, in the attempt to branch out each code and attract new fans in a wider geographical location.
  • Some people think AFL is GAY FL.
  • Some people think NRL is NR SMELL.
  • Some people think that a footy player who sleeps with her every time he comes to her  town to play, will eventually leave his wife and 2 children for her… and gets upset when she sees him mention his wonderful family life in the papers.
  • Some people think that the Gold Coast Titans will be one of the biggest NRL teams in Australia because of the population growth in the area.
  • Some people think that the Labour party’s $60 million contribution to the Gold Coast stadium for the AFL, which will be completed in 2012 and hold about 25,000 is totally fair because AFL gets bigger crowds.
  • Some people think that when Nate Myles, naked and disoriented, defecated in a hotel corridor after frightening a family when he tried to get into their room… was an all time low point, and a dark day for NRL.
  • Some people think when Ben Cousins got arrested with no shirt on exposing his Such Is Life tattoo, that it was an all time low point, and a dark day for the AFL.
  • Some people think Ben Cousins with no shirt on exposing his Such Is Life tattoo, is one of the hottest things they’ve ever seen.

  • Some people think Ben Cousins is equally hot with his clothes on… and to those people i say.. CLICK HERE  Phwoooaar!
  • Some people think AFL is a better game because it’s faster and players score more. (I’m talking on the field)
  • Some people think NRL is a better game because it’s tougher and the tackles are more controlled.
  • Some people think Union is better because it’s still rugby, but without the 6-time tackle turn around.
  • Some people were just glad to see the little sand pit gone forever.
  • Some people think NRL players sometimes wish they were AFL players because they keep kicking the damn the ball.
  • Some people think it’s strange how in NRL actually scoring is only a –TRY!
  • Some people think AFL is stupid because if the player misses the score, they go: “Close, but not quite… we’ll give you a POINT for trying.”
  • Some people think it’s brilliant that the Melbourne Storm keep ‘beating them at their own game’
  • Some people think it was brilliant when the Sydney Swans won the grand final and ‘beat the Eagles at their own game’
  • Some people remember that day, and think there may have been a SARS outbreak in NSW… Suddenly. Aussie. Rules. Supporter. (Gee, guess who I support?)


I think the whole ‘battle of the codes’ is a waste of time when you could all be watching the REAL football, and REAL men for that matter. Hello Beckham! Hello Cristiano Rinaldo! Hello Harry!

What do YOU think?

Some people think #2 : Tiger Woods – Back in the game.

Before starting today’s Some People Think – here is Nike’s new ad featuring the voice of Tiger’s father, Earl Woods.

  • Some people think Tiger’s new Nike ad is poignant but genius.
  • Some people think he must now be a mute.
  • Some people are glad to see Tiger back in action at the US Masters this week.
  • Some people think a Tiger never changes his stripes. Once a tiger, always a cheetah.
  • Some people think the marketing people over at Nike must be giving themselves high fives and doing air punches in Jerry McGuire style, because everyone’s talking about their new ad.
  • Some people think the press conference held in Georgia prior to the Masters tournament was too controlled.
  • Some people think Tiger’s continuous attempts at saying sorry are rehearsed and a little phony.
  • Some people think he behaved contrite, composed and polite at his press conference.
  • Some people think he should take up dancing after the number of questions he side-stepped around.
  • Some people think Tiger Woods must have some serious mojo in the sack.
  • Some people think you might as well just give Tiger his 5th Green Jacket right now.
  • Some people think that Nike and also Accenture, are cashing in on – and using a personal disaster and struggle at the expense of his family. (ad copy below reads: It’s not a setback. It’s a test.)

  • Some people think he is trying harder to win fans back than winning a game of golf.
  • Some people think Tiger is still a big fat liar and still has plenty of apologies to make (mainly his whores think this – but also his kindergarden teacher)
  • Some people (in Melbourne) think the taxpayers handing over 1.5 million to have him back in October this year is totally worth having the presence of a champion.
  • Some people (In Melbourne) think  it would be wrong to finance his Aussie comeback.
  • Some people think… DO THE MATH – a cost of 1.5 million = approximately $30 million to Victorian economy.
  • Some people think Tiger Woods brought new meaning to his sponsor, Nike’s catch phrase – Just Do It.
  • Some people think that 5 months is not enough leave of absence time, and that Tiger Woods should be rotting in a hole somewhere.
  • Some people think Tiger’s ‘hero’ status is tarnished forever now.
  • Some people think once a champ always a champ – regardless of where you put your penis.
  • Some people think Tiger has learned his lesson – and really just wants to get on and do what he loves – which is playing golf.
  • Some people saw Tiger with his phone out on the course the other day, and think that he should probably burn that thing.

  • Some people think in 5 years time we’ll all be watching this play back on Channel Nine’s “20 – 1, World’s Sexiest Sporting Scandals”  Oh wait… sorry, already been done!


I think Tiger is an amazing golf player. I think he and Elin must have shared some incredible moments together, for there to be enough love for her to not kick him to the curb. I also think Elin has a level of dignity that I aspire to. I think Tiger should be playing golf. I don’t think Tiger Woods is addicted to sex, or painkillers or sleeping tablets. I think he has been addicted to his own ego – addicted to himself.  The best thing to cure something like that is a large serving of humility and I think as he continues to gulp it down he will redeem himself to the world eventually, and more importantly his family.

What do YOU think?

Some people think #1: Meat much?

Here is today’s Some People Think: Thoughts on Good Friday.

(Please note, this post is only 400 words)

  • Some people think it’s wrong to eat red meat on Good Friday.
  • Some people include chicken in their list of Meats To Avoid. And despite pork being the other white meat, some people think this is also a no-no.
  • Some people think “Meat? Food in general? Ech! Pass the Panadol Rapid and the Berocca, last night was HUGE and this hangover is killing me!”
  • Some people think meat is bad on Good Friday because Jesus died and he shed blood, and so eating an animal with blood is wrong.
  • Some people think they’d better get to the Fish Markets early to avoid the rush and get the nice prawns.
  • Some people think eating meat on Good Friday is wrong because… er….. why is that again? Um, cause… well they just never have?
  • Some people think the no-meat rule is a nice rest for your arteries, or waistline, or both.
  • Some people think eating any kind of meat on Good Friday is fine and don’t think twice about roasting a duck or throwing a few steaks & snags on the barbie.

  • Some people think Good Friday doesn’t change a thing, they’re already vegetarians or vegans.
  • Some people think they are so glad to be Roman Catholic this time of year… Sure they have to sit through mass, but there’s amazing feasts to follow, including Nonno’s polpette and Zia’s Biscotti.
  • Some people think Good Friday is the perfect opportunity to promote tins of tuna and salmon steaks in-store.
  • Some people think Good Friday is a great excuse to bail on cooking, and get fish n’chips for dinner, or pizza – but a vegie one please…
  • Some people think Easter is an important time to be with family and celebrate the life of Jesus – but are still ok with a ham sandwich.
  • Some people think Easter is more than one day of no meat, and go for days prior to Easter abstaining from something they love .
  • Some people think, “Gee I could really go a lamb kebab,” but their dead grandmother would be looking down on them and disapproving. Plus, the kebab shop is probably shut!
  • Some people think Easter is the best time to sit around eating, drinking, and being merry.

I think the meat argument is a waste of time because why would you bother eating savoury when you could be breaking open warm hot cross buns, smothering them in butter, or stuffing your face with chocolate !!

What do YOU think?