My signature colour

Letter (email) to Jane
Preface: In my 20’s I spent far too long emailing friends at work, in particular my bestie Jane. I wish to apologise now to any former employees, but these emails were contributing to the stimulation of my brain, and further developing a broadened vocabulary and imagination. We often (through boredom) gave each other topics to write letters back and forth on. Here lies some of those emails. They are VERY long and VERY RAMBLY but sometimes there are literary gems within…

From: Jane Jackson
To: Cindy Bradstreet
Topic: Your favourite colour
Date: Wed 28 April 1999 4.27pm

Tell me more about your signature colour.
Amelia Barnes.

From: Cindy Bradstreet
To: Jane Jackson
Topic: Re: Your favourite colour
Date: Thu 29 April 1999 11.57pm

Dear Jane (aka Amelia Barnes)

I would be delighted. I think you’ll like this one!

Red is hot, red is fire. Red’s the colour of desire
Red can mean a smiley face or warnings in a dangerous place

With red I think of love and sex, or a soft and velvet rose
It’s a colour often seen on fingernails and toes

 Red is like the circus: It’s exciting and its fun
It’s the colour of the sky when the day is nearly done

Red is very daring. It’s presumptuous and it’s bold
You never think of red when you think of being cold

Red gets our attention. It says DANGER or LOOK OUT.
It’s strong and it’s assured, with red there’s never any doubt.

 A woman wearing red is a woman with a cause…
Cause red is not a colour that anyone ignores.

It’s bright and it’s happy like beach balls and umbrellas.
A girl wearing red lipstick will always pick up fella’s.

Red is also sweet like cherries and toffee apples.
It’s reverent and its regal, red carpet lies in many chapels

Red has global attraction, on the flag of many nations.
And it’s also used in logos of major corporations.

Like McDonalds Coke and Sanyo, Arnotts, Colgate, Kellogs, KFC,
Mitsubishi, Planet Hollywood, Revlon, Raybans, Versace.

 The word alone is used to sell Red Rooster and Red Cross,
Red Tulip and Red Faces… it’s probably on your dental floss.

If an item is on sale, it’s always marked with red.
So you see, red is special like tomato sliced on bread.

It’s the colour of fresh blood. It is drama and it’s passion.
And you can rest assured it will NEVER go out of fashion.

It’s a colour that we turn when we’re angry or upset,
Or embarrassed or ashamed, or flustered – in a fret.

Red is also pain, like an itch or burn or rash.
Like your legs after waxing, or your face after a pash.

 Reds a contradictory colour; it’s the night and it’s the sun
It’s dangerous and it’s beautiful, brave and bold, yet fun.

It’s painful but it’s happy, adventurous and scared.
Embarrassing but confident, common but still rare.

It’s glamorous, successful; it’s the colour of the stage.
But it’s private and confidential; It’s fear and lust and rage.

It’s brazen and it’s sexy, yet royal and refined.
It’s strong but it’s romantic, it’s nasty but it’s kind.

 Red is failure on a paper. It’s eye-catching and stunning.
It’s clarity and confusion, and mysterious and cunning.

It’s the first of primary colours. It makes orange and it makes pink.
And other colours need it too, like purple, and brown I think…

It’s the colour of precious rubies; of earth and autumn leaves.
It’s spaghetti sauce and strawberries. It’s your nose when you have sneezed.

 It’s a very festive colour; Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
Imagine Santa’s suit in an ugly shade of grey!

Red is just so beautiful like bows and hearts and flowers
And though I end my tribute here, I could go on for hours!

Licinda Marni Veronica Brastreet.