Cyclones are considered to be ‘dangerous weather conditions’ and in cases of cyclone warnings… it’s all: Be prepared for the worst, have supplies on hand, and baton down the hatches.

This blog may be considered dangerous reading, and comes with a warning… Be prepared for the worst. Here’s why. There are days I wake up to discover I’ve been possessed by Judge Judy. I point the finger and make judgements on things I sometimes know nothing about. On other days I become Satan’s Mistress – completely unreasonable, unfair and p’d off and think I’m absolutely always right (even though I am only sometimes right). And lets not forget the days I blame on hormones: the over-sentimental days where the Huggies baby nappy ads have me sobbing, and little things seem so sad, or touching, or amazing.

I’m no writer! Just a journalism drop out who opted for PR instead, and wound up working in events, and most days – helping brides decide between the fish or the beef… or both.

These days I’m a mother, freelance writer, web whatever-you-call-it when you update sites and manage data base driven online communication, and all-round internet junkie. I LOVE dissecting and analysing pop culture and could spend all day online if I didn’t have a daughter.

Whatever you think when (or if) you decide to read, I hope you enjoy this in the spirit that it has been intended… which is to have a laugh at my expense and to consider my point of view and life stories as pure entertainment. Because it’s likely that every day I’ll be sitting somewhere different…. a high horse, a fence, a hole, a soap box. As long as I can still feel my butt cheeks, it’s all good.

So – this could be dangerous reading if you’ve come here for a statistically correct view of the world. It’s simply my view… distorted, outrageous, honest and original.



  1. Dani · March 31, 2010

    Love it Cindy! Up there with the Mama Mia blog site but you’re the closest I’ve ever come to blog celebrity :-))

  2. Katrina Dolahenty · July 9, 2010

    Cindy love your take on “Bringing Sexy Back” in Darwin Life mag. Very funny… you have a gift for humour and seeing it how it is.. AS a mum of 2 I can relate to everything you are saying…

    Speaking of Sexy… I have an invitation for you.. Leasel who owns Darwin Life advertises on p.57 the Galvanic Spa.. irons out wrinkles in minutes, targets cellulite and thickens hair growth (on head). Very sexy gadget and I introduced Leasel to this product and business. Would you like a complimentary DEMO to see how it works?

    You can email me on the above email or call me on 0410 578767.

    Have a great day and love your take on celebs, music etc.

    Katrina Dolahenty

    • cyclonecindy · July 9, 2010

      Katrina THANK UUU.

      I’m always keen to learn about sexy little gadgets….. but you may need more than minutes to iron out my wrinkles.
      However, I’m flattered by your offer, and will most certainly be giving you a call on Monday to investigate…

      THANK YOU again!

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