Must love dogs. And horses. And romantic walks on the beach…

Sometimes I see something that is so astounding, and so full of insight, intelligence and sophistication that it resonates with me all day, affecting my world view and political stance at the deepest level, that I think perhaps my life might change because of it.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about those times when I see or hear or read something that astonishes me so much I have no words – just thoughts.  

But then – without much coaxing, my thoughts quickly became startlingly cohesive concepts, which soon arrange themselves into one or two theories that actually make me stop mid-stride, raise my eyebrows and go “Huh. Wow” until before you know it – many words later – I have written a blog entry.

Here is a media release I came across this morning which was sent to NSW media yesterday.

Tell me what you think of the person who might have written this, because I’m leaning towards FREAKING GENIUS.


And that was all.

Here go my theories…

  • Its Melbourne Cup week, and the author thought introducing horses to the mix would be not only relevant, but a good way to spark interest with the media in what might otherwise seem like an age old cliché. Yes. Dogs are man’s best friend. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But horses! Bet on the right one and you could win a bloody fortune. Oh, and they make good friends too.

  • Pertaining to the book ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy…’ Hercules Morse who is apparently as big as a horse – would indeed make a fine friend for an actual horse. The author of the media release wants us to consider that perhaps larger dogs like Hercules Morse are better suited to play time at Mr Ed’s, than they are with dogs like Hairy Maclary. Or ‘Schnitzel Von Krum with the very low tum’ for that matter.

  • The author is in love with someone but it’s a messy relationship. He/She is tired of game playing and is actually writing in code, hoping to appeal to his/her lover in a way that might make them reconsider the union with a more simplistic approach. The woman in this scenario is a bitch. The man is a big man, with big gums and shiny hair and a really unbearable laugh.

What do you make of this?


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