A sneak peak – because you’re GAGGING for it.

It’s here. It’s finally, pant-wettingly, split-endingly, who-is-that-in-the-cameo roll-ingly, here. And now we’re gagging like a vegetarian at an abattoir for Season 2 of the best show ever to race unsteadily onto our televisions.

So goodbye, Wednesday nights. Hello, class of misfits that sing like superstars. (Sigh)

For newcomers… you can read about my mild obsession with Glee here and here and here and here.

Collingwood choking on their own sweaty socks this Saturday…. Lindsay Lohan failing her drug test days after being released from rehab…. Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding ice-cream….  A hung parliament….  It ALL excites me. But NOTHING in this world gets me to sit up and take notice more effectively than freeze-dried, pure unadulterated song and dance.

So let’s not pretend that tonight’s season premiere is about teenage angst, high school hierarchy or teacher tantrums.  Tonight is about tunes that can be heard from outer space.

Here’s a preview:

So put your feet up and loosen your straight jacket – NOT LONG NOW…. (Squeeeling)

Questions I have… ones that I’m hoping will be answered over the coming weeks.

  1. Will Finn’s testicles finally drop?
  2. Will Schuster find someone else to whore around with now that he’s divorced and Emma is in love with her dentist, Dr Stamos?
  3. Will Emma’s cherry pop with said dentist?
  4. Will Quinn get a tummy tuck, financed by the Cheerios? (Now that she’s back on the sqaud?)
  5. Will Britney Spears have her hair extensions fixed before her cameo?
  6. Will Sue get a lavender tracksuit?
  7. Will Mercedes try out for American Idol, come second, leave school and score a part in a Hollywood blockbuster – which she will go on to win an Oscar for?
  8. Will Puck get any hotter? (Actually not sure I could handle that)
  9. Will the new school canteen lady out-sing them all?
  10. Will George Michael, on release from prison, finally get the cameo/tribute he deserves?


  1. sonj · September 22, 2010

    Hey I can’t wait !!! and am I the new canteen lady ?? ha ha do all canteen ladies sing? LOVE LOVE LOVE GLEE SOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!! ( But I love singing more !)

  2. Dara · September 22, 2010

    Ok Cindy

    So I have watched Glee tonight and I must comment on how skinny Rachel now is…

    Why do these gorgeous women with talent to boot think that they must conform to the lollypop image that seems to be Hollywood?

    Her clothes just hang, there are no curves there anymore.

    And I thought with Christina Hendricks coming along all this would change.

    That’s my 2 cents..


    • cyclonecindy · September 23, 2010

      I agree, she’s lost weight. I thought it was her new bangs at first, but now that I look again, yeah she’s thinner.
      Maybe it’s because they’re so busy. Apparently they all have a gruelling schedule which is part of their contract and includes touring, live appearances, recording songs for albums and show, learning dance moves, learning lines and then actually filming the show. Then there’s all the new endorsements they’re now doing because they’re successful…
      Oh how I would love that life.

  3. Sian Bell · September 23, 2010

    There are times, many, many times, that I wish I was as mean as Sue. I love her. She is my idol. I wish, I wish, I wish I had her sass……. and her tracksuit.

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