The face of Australia… CRIKEY!

After an Australian wins (or places) in a a world wide contest or competition – their face is everywhere and soon becomes immediately recognised. Jennifer Hawkins had her moment, as have countless athletes and olympians.   Similarly, after a country elects a new leader, and that leader is deemed a winner… for a time  that person becomes the face of the nation.

So back when George Bush was voted in as President of the United States for a second (and final) term, millions of people around the world including Australians gasped in shock. Nooo! IDIOTS! How could they? Is everyone over there taking a page out if his past and smoking the reefer? Songs like Greenday’s American Idiot became an anthem around the world, because it reflected our genuine (and somewhat detached) belief that if you voted for George W, then you are an idiot!

Of course I don’t live there – never have, and I’m sure the information I received on policies of the US Republics in this country was slightly filtered. But the guy seemed like a massive tool.

But this post is not all about the American elections.  It’s about how other countries make judgements on each other based on the leader they vote for.

So mostly I thought Americans were all high when they voted for George. I was amazed and also sceptical when I once asked a Taxi driver in Thailand how long the current leader has been there. Twenty years. No need to change. We’re very happy. I am constantly astounded at Cuban’s lack of democracy and wonder how a dictator can stay in power for almost 50 years.

But what do I know?? I’m an outsider to these countries and unless you’ve lived somewhere long enough to understand what impact the different leaders and parties have on the country, there’s a good chance you’re basing your opinion on propaganda, filtered news and political spin.

Cut now to Australia’s current political shambles.

I am one of those that was not overly impressed with either candidate from the two major parties, and I found myself agreeing and disagreeing with policies on both sides. I don’t think I was alone, and perhaps us being TORN is why we are now officially HUNG.

A large part of the problem with this election was the fact that neither candidate had proven themselves. Both were running as opposition leaders in the sense that we could not judge the current PM on the past term in government, because she only led that government for 6 weeks prior.

And now you have 4 Independents and one Green determining where our split votes go. Confused much? Yeah, and we live here. So what do other countries make of it all.

This video was made PRIOR to the night Julia Gillard and the Labour Party dumped K-Rudd’s sorry arse. I don’t normally agree with Hitler, but his take on our election is remarkably exact. In fact it’s a revelation, and it’s on You Tube for the world’s viewing pleasure.

So as this historical moment in Australia’s political history unfolds this week/month, as our county is left essentially leaderless because we were torn right down the middle, I find myself wondering what other nations are thinking of us right now.

 Are we too fussy? Are we just over it?  Do we all have options anxiety? Why can’t we agree? Why can’t we work it out? Do they think WE the people are unstable? Do they assume that both leaders are useless?

Here’s how an on-line News station in China reported PRIOR to the election.


After watching that all I can say is…. thank goodness for Miss Universe Australia 2010, Jesinta Campbell! Second runner up (third place) and voted Miss Congeniality – I’m hoping the rest of the world are looking at her for their judgement on Aussies. Young, fresh faced, and full of confidence, energy and charm. And more importantly – a kind and friendly person. (Miss Congeniality alludes to that).

Otherwise –the following faces will be broadcast to the world as those we look to for our leadership.


Crikey!  Australian idiots? God bless Donald Trump!


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