Things Oprah and me know for sure…

Every month in her ‘O’ magazine Oprah writes a column titled: 20 Things I Know for Sure. It’s usually inspiring and (if you ask me) a little wispy. Things like, “You Become What You Believe.” It sounds magical and philosophical, but if I sit here and believe I’m actually Miss Venezuela 2009, I don’t think it’s going to happen, sorry!

So anyway, here is her top 20 list as seen on her website. I hope she doesn’t mind me re-publishing it here. I’m sure it’s a message she would want everyone to see… so thanks Oprah.

1. What you put out comes back all the time, no matter what. (This is my creed.)
2. You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script.
3. Whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present. Only you give it power.
4. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. (A lesson from Maya Angelou.)
5. Worrying is wasted time. Use the same energy for doing something about whatever worries you.
6. What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. You become what you believe.
7. If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, that will be enough. (From the German theologian and humanist Meister Eckhart.)
8. The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give.
9. Failure is a signpost to turn you in another direction.
10. If you make a choice that goes against what everyone else thinks, the world will not fall apart.
11. Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.
12. Love yourself and then learn to extend that love to others in every encounter.
13. Let passion drive your profession. 
14. Find a way to get paid for doing what you love. Then every paycheck will be a bonus.
15. Love doesn’t hurt. It feels really good.
16. Every day brings a chance to start over.
17. Being a mother is the hardest job on earth. Women everywhere must declare it so.
18. Doubt means don’t. Don’t move. Don’t answer. Don’t rush forward.
19. When you don’t know what to do, get still. The answer will come.
20. “Trouble don’t last always.” (A line from a Negro spiritual, which calls to mind another favorite: This, too, shall pass.)

 So I thought I’d do my own list.

20 Things Cyclone Cindy knows for sure… as of today, 13th July 2010.

It’s nowhere near as inspiring or heart warming, but I think it would be easy to know such things as above for sure when you’re one of the richest and most powerful women in the world.

 Anyway, here we go…

  1. Twenty Four hours in the day is not enough hours.
  2. ‘Swine Flu’ is actually the past tense of ‘Pigs Fly’ so if anyone has ever said to you: ‘When pigs fly….’ well that was last year.
  3. There are not enough female jockeys…probably a boob thing.
  4. Glee is the greatest show ever made.
  5. Mel Gibson has issues.
  6. Life without high heels is blah!
  7. Picnics are fun. Except the bit where you have to make all the food, carry it, & then sit on the ground.
  8. Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring.” (a quote from Marilyn Monroe.)
  9. Brussel sprouts are the most putrid taste known to mankind.
  10. The drunk idiot at the wedding is usually related.
  11. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.
  12. New book smell is one of the nicest smells ever smelt.
  13. Speaking of that word smelt… It’s impossible to say “one smart person he felt smart” ten times without saying the word ‘fart’ at least once.
  14. Trust is like a mirror. Once it’s broken, you can glue it back together, but you’ll always see the cracks. (Thanks to Lady Gaga for that one)
  15. Australia’s constitution was out of date the day it was written.
  16. Ryan Reynolds is delicious.
  17. SEE OPRAH’S NUMBER 17…. Amen to that sister.
  18. Dopey was the only dwarf of all 7 that owned a razor blade.
  19. Cadbury finally got it right when they invented the double coated Cherry Ripe. Chocolate to Cherry ratio: perfect!
  20. Men’s nipples are 100% purely for show.


 Here’s something I don’t know… maybe you can help me out with this one…  Does the pope have business cards?

 So what do you know for sure….



  1. Dara · July 13, 2010

    Cindy, this is what I know.

    1. When times are tough you find out who you friends are.
    2. I am not a mother, so my child, my business and the running of it is the hardest thing I have ever done.
    3. Sometimes when you ask for help (like everyone tells you too) you don’t get it – this refers to number one. People let you down.
    4. Family are the people who can get under your skin the worst.
    5. The family you pick i.e. FRIENDS are the best people in the world.
    6. It’s good to have friends from school, I have rediscovered mine and they are some of the most supportive people I know, plus you have so much history that you snort with laughter recalling stories.
    7. Laughter is THE best medicine
    8. You should randomly break out in dance or song…it feels good and makes other people smile.
    9. Pick a charity that is close to your heart and work with them, it feels good.
    10. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, nor do you have to talk to everyone all the time. Sometimes not saying anything and observing teaches you more.
    11. A lot of people use too many words to say things
    12. Glee is definitely the happiest hour on TV.
    13. Reality TV generally does not show the best of what society has to offer (Masterchef excluded!)
    14. Sydney is way too expensive, and is getting worse.
    15. It is great that there are so many women in power in Australia at the moment, and our GG Quentin Bryce is one of the most incredible women.
    16. Pets bring happiness.
    17. Ugh boots and the like should be more acceptible as footwear in winter.
    18. Pamper yourself occassionally, be it a massage or the Sunday papers or a facial. Do it, you deserve it!
    19. You can’t take your material possessions with you when you die.
    20. No regrets.

    • cyclonecindy · July 13, 2010

      Dara I LOVE these. Especially 1, 2, 8, 11, 15 and 20!!

  2. Sian Bell · July 13, 2010

    Hi Cindy, I love Oprahs #7, your #8 and Daras #9. Here’s a few of mine.

    1) I know that if I have to choose between the bag and the shoes I should go with the shoes.

    2) I know the book is always better than the film.

    3) I know that despite the fact that I want to, I just don’t like champagne.

    4) I know that regardless of how long it has been lying around wasting space if I throw it away I’ll need it.

    5) I know that getting your hair straightened at the hairdressers the same day you fly out anywhere is a complete waste of money.

    I know loads of other stuff I just can’t remember any of it. hahaha


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