Olivia did it first… and I’m utterly addicted.

I know its old news that I LOVE Glee. I also realise a lot of you that read my blogs are fellow Gleeks. But sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing. So for those of you that saw it and LOVED it – here it is again. For those of you that didn’t watch… get with the frickin program – starting with this. And for those of you who hate Glee, or watched and hated this…. You are off my radar. Please log off now.

Confession # 1:

When I was 10 years old, I saved up all my pocket money and purchased a cassette of Olivia Newton John’s greatest hits Vol 2. I was dancing a lot back then and competed in a competition every year in a town 8 hrs from Perth called Kalgoorlie.

We caught the train every year, but 1983 was the best train ride of all. I had my cassette walkman, head phones, and my new Olivia tape. I closed my eyes, shut out the surrounding passengers, and pretended I was Olivia – rock star extraordinaire.


Confession # 2:

In year 5 at school, I told all my friends I was the love child of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. I explained it that I came to Australia with my “mum” when she was touring with Xanadu, and that they had decided to keep me here for a better life away from crime. The people I lived with were actually my aunt and uncle and cousins. I told them I go and visit all the time (I had never been on a plane in my life at this stage) and that LA is cool but really dangerous. I think some of my friends actually bought it for a while. Sad.

Anyway, back to my first ever music purchase…. This was the opening track on the tape

So after I revisited that clip late on Thursday evening, I had some observations.

  • Who was the first one to make a film clip in a bed all in white? Brittany Spears in My Prerogative?
    NO. Olivia.
  • Who was the first one to make a film clip with a small child? Madonna in Open Your Heart?
    NO. Olivia.
  • Who was the first one to incorporate animation into film clips? Aha in Take On Me?
    NO. Olivia.
  • Who was the first one to have doves in their film clip? Britney Spears in Circus? NO. Prince in Doves Cry?
    NO. Olivia
  • Who was the first one to sing in a cage in a film clip? Miley Cyrus in Can’t Be Tamed? Absolutely NOT. Shakira in She Wolf? NO. Lady Gaga in Telephone?
    NO. Olivia.


  • Who was the first one to sport a killer mullet? Warwick Capper?
    NO. Olivia

I don’t feel that she is getting enough credit. She was a pop music warrior, leading the way for others who would eventually skankify her original concepts. I mean we’re talking about a woman who starred in a movie with (and kissed) legend, Gene Kelly.

Anyway, Olivia really did it first.

And after Thursday night’s Glee episode guest starring Olivia, I’ve decided that if there was a way I could inject the the show reel into the back of my retinas so it played over and over all day, I totally would.

Oh, and before I forget, check out these pictures from Vogue of Glee’s Mathew Morris. Who knew Will was such a spunk?


Just another reason to watch!



  1. Pippa Skye · May 24, 2010

    Ha ha ha, I think I was actually born while you guys were away on that dance trip in 1983, so coming home would have been just as special as listening to Olivia on the way there 🙂 I am a little young for Olivia Fever, but there has always been a special something I felt towards her, I think maybe because the first “tape” I ever owned was Gaia and I LOVED belting out her pro-environment songs at such a young age 🙂 (coz I totally knew what they were about back then!!)
    I LOVED Olivia in Glee and can’t wait to see who cameos next!!

  2. dan · May 26, 2010

    I think you should share with your audience….the lyrics you used to sing out very loud…along with the so-called tape! I remember laughing so hard at what you thought Olivia was singing. I wish I had recorded it for this very purpose!! Love ya!! ;o))) xoxo

  3. cyclonecindy · May 28, 2010

    Ahhh Dan. It took a few days but I found em. Luckily I’m a hoarder, and have kept those scribbles, along with all the songs that I wrote aged 14-17, that were going to make me and Ady famous. (Oh how my handwriting has changed)

    From Heart Attack

    You owe me you
    What ya put in me too
    (Feels like a heart attack)

    I’m way past the point of recovering
    You’re gonna be the devaree (??)

    From Physical

    I took you to an Indian restaurant
    Then do you suggest a movie?

    I been patient I been good
    Tried to keep my hands on the table
    It’s getting hard it’s old and that
    You know what I mean

    You gotta know that you’re brignin out Yani Mal and me. (??)

    Also – just for a laugh

    How will I know if he really loves me.
    I’d try to phone but I’m too shy (can’t speak)
    I fall in love whenever we meet
    I’m asking you cause you know about bee stings.

    or this:

    Do you believe in life after love
    I can feel something in cyberspace
    I really don’t think you’re strong enough noooo.

    That’s enough. I’m chucking these now.
    So embarassing. You should see the mess I made of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”

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