Some People Think #4: Kylie Minogue’s BIG CRASH

On Wednesday, Kylie Minogue announced via twitter, that she would be sharing a snippet of her new single All the Lovers, with her fans. Unfortunately the announcement caused her website to crash instead.

She wrote this on twitter following: “aaahhhhhhhh…you’ve overloaded the system!!!arrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!,” shortly after the noon deadline passed.

“That is the strength of your combined power!!!!!!! OMG!!!” she wrote.

The single is due to be released on June 28, with her 11th studio album Aphrodite, following on July 5.  “I am so happy to share this little snippet of the first single with you all,” Minogue tweeted again after the website came back on.

Here is the 30 second preview she released.

Since then a world of opinion has been circulating regarding the release.  So here is this week’s Some People Think…. (and it’s only short because these Friday SPT posts are s’pose to be brief – but mainly because I feel like there are some angry dudes at the back of my throat smashing glass bottles around).

  • Some people think it’s the best 30 seconds of instrumental they’ve ever heard and think 2010 is the Year of the Kylie.
  • Some people think the album cover is amazing – and think she rocked Jean Paul Gaultier way better than the model on the catwalk

  • Some people (mostly blokes) think nothing will ever out-do this album cover.

  • Some people think Kylie is totally back. Not like the last time with her ‘X’ album. More like the last time she was back… when she was spinning around in gold hot pants.
  • Some people can’t wait to hear the lyrics.
  • Some people think the new album is just another Kylie Minogue album – complete with high glam, lush stylings and modern typefaces.
  • Some people think the album name Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddes of love, beauty and sexuality is aptly named for Ms Minogue.
  • Some people think it doesn’t matter that Kylie is singing the songs – the fact that the album has been produced by British Electronic musician, songwriter, and record producer Stuart Price (who has also worked with Madonna, New Order, Missy Elliott, The Killers, Gwen Stefani and Seal),  automatically means the album will be packed with number 1 hits.
  • Some people think she made the announcement on Wednesday in order to draw attention AWAY from the outfit she was wearing the day before – Tuesday. Yellow Harem pants. It’s highly likely.

  • Some people think her new album will be a return to her ‘dance-floor’ roots – and inspire a whole new float at the next Mardi Gras.
  • Some people don’t care about her music. They just think she should be so lucky – and actually is. Very Lucky. To be dating this guy:

  • Some people can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing in her video clips.
  • Some people think it’s worth noting that she’s releasing the new single exactly 1 month after her 42nd birthday on 28 May, and the new album exactly 1 week before her new nephew is due to be born.
  • Some people probably think the news on Kylie’s latest album is worth not only doing a happy dance for, but actually rolling around and repeating her name over and over; Like this guy did when he heard she was touring last year…. becuase I know I do that when I’m excited…

 I think Kylie is no longer the princess of pop, nor the queen of pop. She is the friggin’ Empress so bow down bitches.  Possibly the brightest star in the Pop Music Fermament, her road to sparkling did not include a trip to rehab, flashing her pink bits or public outbursts and meltdowns. Her songs may be anthems, but what I love most is that she is a lady with dignity.

What do YOU think?


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