They call this top a Period Piece

No, not because it’s vintage. Take a closer look. Just when you think you’ve seen the very definition of Kooky, the people over at “Time to Spare” bring us the Tampon Top. Yes you read correctly, and you’ve no doubt gone back for a 2nd look.

Actually the super talented and imaginative designer Walter Raes, calls it a vest on his website…  but lets not get picky. A spade is a spade. And a Tampon top is actually a vest made from an entire carton of Libra Fleur.

I should point out that I don’t intend to post on every whacky item of clothing or footwear I come across. I left the stilettos with inbuilt socks alone, and when I noticed that Mexican designer Gianfranco Reni sent some bedazzled gas masks down the runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City last Monday, I not only left it alone, I left the room… Laughing my arse off!  Because you know, when I’m about to die from inhaling deadly gas, I better look GLAM!

But the Period Top, much like the Elephant Dung Shoes, and the Butt Bra… has intrigued me to a point of excessive verbal emissions. My mind starts wandering with possibilities and suddenly I have a novel’s worth of opinion on the tip of my tongue. (Hence the whole blog).

So let’s begin shall we?

  • When wearing the period top, I should probably stay indoors if it’s raining yes?
  • I’m thinking this top would look great on me, if I was skipping along the beach on a sunny day, with the wind in my hair, feeling light and free…
  • When I put it on, will it make me feel really pure, and will butterflies dance around my head? Will it make me feel like twirling? I think so, maybe even in slow motion.
  • I probably shouldn’t wear it for too long. Like couldn’t that give me toxic shock?
  • If this top is hypo-allergenic and bio-degradable I’m sure I’ll be protecting myself and the environment, but will I be able to wear it next season, or will it have disintegrated into little bits of floating fibres by then?
  • Will I still be a virgin if I wear this?
  • I understand this is a naturally made product, so does this mean I can’t get away with rocking red lipstick at the same time? Should I keep the whole look natural? Probably.
  • I notice it comes in 3 sizes: mini, regular and super. I’m a size 10-12 so which one for me???
  • The leaflet that comes with the top says I should relax when I’m putting it on. Is that so I don’t get it caught in my dangly earrings?
  • I might carry a coin purse when I wear it. Because I’m thinking some girls might want to offer me coins to take a piece of my period top to the bathroom with them.


Aaaand… we’re done. Not because I didn’t have more, but I felt it moving in a direction of poor taste, and you might be eating lunch.


For more interesting pieces from Walter Raes… like the video cassette tape dance dress, or the plastic cola can holder coat (say that one 10 times really fast) visit his website  and seriously… you may be inspired.

It looks as though this girl has already visited his website. Her prom dress is made from chewing gum wrappers.  

As we speak I’m creating something special from the plastic wrap my baby’s bumb wipes come in. They’re pink and I just think they’re so pretty. I’m going to give it a bit of bling, using the shiny little round peel-back lid on the Yakult drinks.

I know what you’re thinking… I should definately wear my hair UP with this!



  1. mystafied · April 19, 2010

    Ha-ha Noooo you wouldn’t want to be out in the rain with that top on 🙂
    I don’t often comment but I always enjoy reading your views on life and what’s happening around the place. Thanks for sharing!

  2. cyclonecindy · April 19, 2010

    Thanks Mystafied (blushes). What a lovely compliment!

    On another note: Might need to pick your brain one day soon about defamation vs freedom of speech. I remember you know some things about it…?
    Will make contact via twitter.

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