Britney Spears WANTS to show us her cellulite.

And why shouldn’t she? It’s not like Britney Spears is new to exposing herself. She’s already flaunted a number of body parts that most people like to keep concealed…

Like her her nips. Her pregnant belly. Her bald head. Her bald vadge – complete with c-section scar. Her wedgie… and some lucky audience members from her Circus tour even got to see her tampon string!!!

So what’s a bit of cellulite encrusted leg? We’ve seen it before anyway – in one of the MANY unflattering paparazzi shots – the image of her untouched thighs is nothing new.


What IS new – is that Britney has jumped onto that “I’m A Celebrity And Look How Normal I Really Am” bandwagon, by approving the release of the untouched images of her in the latest Candies Underwear campaign. It must be one hell of a ride on that wagon because Celebs seem to be going ‘très naturel’ faster than you can say “What, no concealer?”

It seems to be a sure way to get noticed at the moment. Anyone can be airbrushed to look perfect – but Holy Fat Roll Batman! Not anyone is prepared to show the world their cellu-chunks. It’s an attention grabber, and it’s working! The photos in question were part of the campaign for Candies Underwear – a company that Britney is a spokesperson for, and I am no doubt one of millions who have visited the ‘Candies’ website today….

And after perusing some of the images, I’m actually starting to wonder if the guy that runs the photo-shop department over there just bought an island with all the extra overtime money on his last paycheck.


Ok, so that was a bit mean – I actually really love Britney. And I love these photos. Not only because they’re pink and a bit girlie, but because in all the other shots for the campaign, Britney looks happy and cute and sexy. As with the shots in Marie Claire of Jessica Simpson , I think it’s fantastic that she’s approved the release of them. I mean we know deep down that all images in ad campaigns and magazines are altered to look perfect. But when you’re looking at it, that isn’t what’s going through your head.

Well it isn’t what used to go through my head when I saw pictures of Elle McPherson at the age of 16. Without getting into it, (maybe another day), images like that contributed to my body dismorphia, my mild case of bulimia, and the overall hatred of my own body.  If someone had shown me what the shot looked like before it went through the process of photo-shopping, perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so crap… like, “Oh, she’s not perfect after all.”


And although we’ve seen the dimples on Britney’s legs before, the fact that this time it’s with her permission says a lot. And you know what? For a ‘before’ shot – it’s pretty damn alright. In fact I’d actually be happy with those ‘before’ thighs as my ‘after’ thighs.

The truth is – girls today are much more aware of the tricks used to enhance photos, because image enhancing software and computers are more accessible than they were in my day. If someone had told me when I was 15, that one day I would be able to ‘bandaid’ the mole on my neck in photos, I probably would’ve said, “How? And Where? And when?” So I think that girls look at images of their idols with a lot more scepticism than I ever did.

Britney, Jessica and others must be catching on to this. It’s an incredibly smart move on their behalf. Nothing creates a follower more than the idea that someone can relate to you.  We like Britney Spears because she’s talented and sexy and entertaining. But we also like her because she’s vulnerable and real and makes mistakes – but pulls through. We relate to that. We relate to the words in her songs – and now – millions of girls everywhere will be relating to her thighs.


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