Some people think #2 : Tiger Woods – Back in the game.

Before starting today’s Some People Think – here is Nike’s new ad featuring the voice of Tiger’s father, Earl Woods.

  • Some people think Tiger’s new Nike ad is poignant but genius.
  • Some people think he must now be a mute.
  • Some people are glad to see Tiger back in action at the US Masters this week.
  • Some people think a Tiger never changes his stripes. Once a tiger, always a cheetah.
  • Some people think the marketing people over at Nike must be giving themselves high fives and doing air punches in Jerry McGuire style, because everyone’s talking about their new ad.
  • Some people think the press conference held in Georgia prior to the Masters tournament was too controlled.
  • Some people think Tiger’s continuous attempts at saying sorry are rehearsed and a little phony.
  • Some people think he behaved contrite, composed and polite at his press conference.
  • Some people think he should take up dancing after the number of questions he side-stepped around.
  • Some people think Tiger Woods must have some serious mojo in the sack.
  • Some people think you might as well just give Tiger his 5th Green Jacket right now.
  • Some people think that Nike and also Accenture, are cashing in on – and using a personal disaster and struggle at the expense of his family. (ad copy below reads: It’s not a setback. It’s a test.)

  • Some people think he is trying harder to win fans back than winning a game of golf.
  • Some people think Tiger is still a big fat liar and still has plenty of apologies to make (mainly his whores think this – but also his kindergarden teacher)
  • Some people (in Melbourne) think the taxpayers handing over 1.5 million to have him back in October this year is totally worth having the presence of a champion.
  • Some people (In Melbourne) think  it would be wrong to finance his Aussie comeback.
  • Some people think… DO THE MATH – a cost of 1.5 million = approximately $30 million to Victorian economy.
  • Some people think Tiger Woods brought new meaning to his sponsor, Nike’s catch phrase – Just Do It.
  • Some people think that 5 months is not enough leave of absence time, and that Tiger Woods should be rotting in a hole somewhere.
  • Some people think Tiger’s ‘hero’ status is tarnished forever now.
  • Some people think once a champ always a champ – regardless of where you put your penis.
  • Some people think Tiger has learned his lesson – and really just wants to get on and do what he loves – which is playing golf.
  • Some people saw Tiger with his phone out on the course the other day, and think that he should probably burn that thing.

  • Some people think in 5 years time we’ll all be watching this play back on Channel Nine’s “20 – 1, World’s Sexiest Sporting Scandals”  Oh wait… sorry, already been done!


I think Tiger is an amazing golf player. I think he and Elin must have shared some incredible moments together, for there to be enough love for her to not kick him to the curb. I also think Elin has a level of dignity that I aspire to. I think Tiger should be playing golf. I don’t think Tiger Woods is addicted to sex, or painkillers or sleeping tablets. I think he has been addicted to his own ego – addicted to himself.  The best thing to cure something like that is a large serving of humility and I think as he continues to gulp it down he will redeem himself to the world eventually, and more importantly his family.

What do YOU think?


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