I’m such a gLeek!


I wasn’t going to blog today. Last week I was busier than a one-armed ukulele player tiptoeing through the tulips, and so today I planned on doing nothing much. Except maybe a little site surfing. And a couple of loads of washing. But that’s it.

 Then I saw this and I had to share just in case there are any other gLeeks out there.

Are you as excited as I am?

If you are one of those random people that don’t watch this show – here are my 15 reasons you should catch up and tune in. (You can catch up on all of season one on network ten’s website)

  • Crime shows that start with letters of the alphabet, and end in a US city are so last decade!
  • Puck is hot
  • Sometime’s their version of the song is better than the original.
  • It’s the happiest hour on televeison.
  • Because Will Schuster is like the love child of Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Timberlake!
  • She’s ruthless, she’s diabolical and she’s completely nuts – but that’s the way Sue C’s it.
  • Slushie facials.
  • Emma’s outfits.
  • It takes reality tv and slaps it in the face and says, And stay out!
  • It’s like Gossip Girl, but not as slutty.
  • Watching bad guys smuggling drugs and food into Australian airports is about as predictable as watching an Eddie Murphy action film…
  • It’s like High School Musical – for grown-ups.
  • Because watching ex-models with big jugs and bleach-white teeth host travel shows is getting boring. I know, the view from your villa in Costa Rica is almost as amazing as your smile and your rack. (yawn!)
  • Most broadway productions cost at least $100. Glee is just as good, but free, plus you can watch in your trackies.
  • In comparison, it will make you realise your teenage years weren’t so excruciating after all.

 That said, I think this is also a cult show for today’s generation and if I was famous, I’d be gagging for a cameo.



  1. Dara · April 6, 2010

    I concur…

    Puck is hot

    Oh yeah, and everything else you said too.

    There is so little happiness on TV these days and Glee is just a little ray of sunshine!

  2. Shmales · April 6, 2010

    Oh I absolutely LOVE Glee!! Sue Sylvester is my unbalanced hero and I love Will’s drama! Emma’s hair is amazing, how does she get it like that?! Hilarious. Puck also has a really great voice, as well as face, abs, pecks…..

    My husband is also a not-so-closeted fan of this show and has the soundtrack on his iPod. People need to tune in because if they cancel this show, I may well cry!

  3. thatgirlingymclass · April 6, 2010

    GLEE!!! Love. love. love. 🙂 You’re cool.

  4. sonjah · April 8, 2010

    I love Glee with ” every fibre of my being” ha ha ha
    It’s great and gave me something to look forward to when I worked in a call centre for four torturous months. The singing is also amazing.

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