What do YOU think?

Some people have given me some feedback on my blog. A bit of constructive criticism is always handy when you’re new to something, and you’re not really sure yourself how you’re tracking.

One piece of advice from someone (lets just call him husband) was that my posts are too serious. There should be more funny posts like my exposé on Pussy and less posts discussing things like Cheating Males and Day Spas. (How surprising!)

Another piece of advice given to me was that the posts are too long, and so sometimes the posts aren’t read in their entirity. Or the reader just doesn’t have time to read the whole thing.

Good points.

Look I realise some of my posts are lengthy but I’m not prepared to edit my own thoughts and opinions. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I like. It’s my ground (of quicksand) and I’m standing it.

You might be surprised at what I DO delete before posting each blog. I often come across paragraphs that are not necessary to make my point or tell my story.  But given that I LIKE the fact that there are actually people looking at or skimming over my blog – well if shorter blogs mean more readers – then what can I say….

You’ve twisted my marshmallow arm.

From this day on I will dedicate one post a week to ‘keeping it concise.’  Brevity will be the order of the day. It will be a good day, and it will be Friday. Not just Good Friday, but every Friday.

I will dedicate a whole new category on cyclone cindy to others. It will be in point form and less than 800 words. There will also continue to be lovely pictures to look at, so if it seems like you’re scrolling down for a while, it’s not becuase my post is too long, but becuase there are so many pictures.
It will be called: SOME PEOPLE THINK and it’s coming soon to a screen near you!



  1. Shmales · April 2, 2010

    Cinda, I’ve read quite a few of your blogs and have thoroughly enjoyed their content. Mind you, being a stay-at-home mum of children who actually sleep gives me the time to do this. I don’t agree with “Husband”, I think that the blogs are sometimes on serious topics but are handled quite well with an undercurrent of humour. I would agree that some of them might be too long, but the content included is intelligent and witty. I find it easy to follow and enjoyable to read so KEEP IT UP!

  2. Lorri · April 2, 2010

    Cindy, i alwsys read your blogs (actually read to me while im driving, love the new app i downloaded).
    I do read them too while sitting on my balcony with morning coffee. I love and enjoy them.
    (just some feedback)
    Lov Lots

  3. cyclonecindy · April 2, 2010

    Thanks guys. Haley, I should remember that Glen doesn’t read, unless it’s contracts or reports for work. So I should probably be flattered that he even reads the heading. And your bit about having children sleeping while at home… Don’t you study Psych? WOW – the great multi-tasker. xoxo

    Actually that goes for both of you!

    Lorri – Driving whilst ‘listening’ to my blog??? What app are you talking of? I have iPhone and can look at sites on my phone, but is there an app that reads the content for you… out loud??
    Do tell.
    I hope you noticed my reference to your Zia in my latest blog on eating meat today. hehe. I miss you. I miss our chats, and I miss your Zia’s biscotti!

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