Some people think #1: Meat much?

Here is today’s Some People Think: Thoughts on Good Friday.

(Please note, this post is only 400 words)

  • Some people think it’s wrong to eat red meat on Good Friday.
  • Some people include chicken in their list of Meats To Avoid. And despite pork being the other white meat, some people think this is also a no-no.
  • Some people think “Meat? Food in general? Ech! Pass the Panadol Rapid and the Berocca, last night was HUGE and this hangover is killing me!”
  • Some people think meat is bad on Good Friday because Jesus died and he shed blood, and so eating an animal with blood is wrong.
  • Some people think they’d better get to the Fish Markets early to avoid the rush and get the nice prawns.
  • Some people think eating meat on Good Friday is wrong because… er….. why is that again? Um, cause… well they just never have?
  • Some people think the no-meat rule is a nice rest for your arteries, or waistline, or both.
  • Some people think eating any kind of meat on Good Friday is fine and don’t think twice about roasting a duck or throwing a few steaks & snags on the barbie.

  • Some people think Good Friday doesn’t change a thing, they’re already vegetarians or vegans.
  • Some people think they are so glad to be Roman Catholic this time of year… Sure they have to sit through mass, but there’s amazing feasts to follow, including Nonno’s polpette and Zia’s Biscotti.
  • Some people think Good Friday is the perfect opportunity to promote tins of tuna and salmon steaks in-store.
  • Some people think Good Friday is a great excuse to bail on cooking, and get fish n’chips for dinner, or pizza – but a vegie one please…
  • Some people think Easter is an important time to be with family and celebrate the life of Jesus – but are still ok with a ham sandwich.
  • Some people think Easter is more than one day of no meat, and go for days prior to Easter abstaining from something they love .
  • Some people think, “Gee I could really go a lamb kebab,” but their dead grandmother would be looking down on them and disapproving. Plus, the kebab shop is probably shut!
  • Some people think Easter is the best time to sit around eating, drinking, and being merry.

I think the meat argument is a waste of time because why would you bother eating savoury when you could be breaking open warm hot cross buns, smothering them in butter, or stuffing your face with chocolate !!

What do YOU think?


One comment

  1. Shmales · April 2, 2010

    Hahaha I completely agree about the hot cross buns and chocolate! It is a Websdane family tradition to eat fish and chips on Good Friday. I guess with Jamie coming from a Catholic family it was his tradition that carried on through the generations. Although I don’t understand and don’t really care about the whole “don’t eat meat” philosophy, I do enjoy an excuse to eat fish and chips and generally have a nice day out with Mike’s family. Hope you had a really Good Friday whatever you did!

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