Short – are you really that sweet?

I’ve been considering the fact that my last blog was like an essay and there was probably a lot of dribble included. But you know – things I love tend to make me go on, and on, and on….

In fact, my cousin Danielle is always telling me when I’m relating an experience or story, “25 words or less Cind…”

But who invented that phrase “keep it short and sweet” because I never heard any of my university lecturers say, “Your essays need to be 5000 words, and sweet.”

I realised I’m not really a fan of many short things. Don’t like short stories, never seen a short film, short blacks – No (espresso is a much nicer word anyway), not into short men (except that 1 cute guy on skis at Thredbo whose talent and red ski suit attracted me more than his height), short hair (on me only) well we’ve all seen the ramifications of hairdressers who take liberal snips at my mane…. Defamation anyone? Even Martin Short gives me the jeebs.

So it seems I’m not a fan of short.

But I am going to do my best to keep my bloggs MUCH shorter in future, not only for your reading convenience (again I’m presuming someone is actually reading this waffle) but also for myself. There were a few cringe-worthy moments in my George & Me blog, and writers remorse is up there with buyers remorse. Taking something back after it’s been published is like taking back a dress with no tags. It’s harder.

SO short it is… Probably not less than 25 words, but shortER.


One comment

  1. dan · March 1, 2010

    Short is good sometimes….and rambling is good at other times. It all depends on how much time you have to listen/read!!

    I like your stories…but must admit that I didn’t read the whole ‘George’ one, cos I have heard the ‘straight from your mouth’ version many times!

    Keep writing, I am reading.

    Dan xo

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